Figurations of Knowledge


Figurations of Knowledge

Stream 11: Art as Research

02/06 - 07/06/2008

Villa Elisabeth

Invalidenstrasse 3, D-10115 Berlin

Private View: Monday 02/06/2008 20 h

Opening hours: Tuesday 9 –13 h, Wednesday 13 –19 h, Thursday 13 –19 h, Friday 13 –19.30 h, Saturday 13 –20 h

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Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand to understand the arts in terms of research. Positing that research also exists in fields other than science and humanities, we wish to test a new form of stream at this year‘s conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA). Instead of reporting on artistic research in secondary formats, we will showcase this kind of research in primary presentation forms on site, such as an exhibition, a concert, and a film screening.

Participating Artists

George Steinmann, Bern (CH): «In Search of Wilderness (Suchraum Wildnis)»
Michael Schwab, London (UK): «Figure (Villa Elisabeth)»
Hannes Rickli, Zürich (CH): «Culex/Ormia»
Eva Meyer / Eran Schaerf, Berlin (D): «Sie könnte zu Ihnen gehören / She Might Belong to You»
Ingrid Koenig, Vancouver (CA): «Navigating the Uncertainty Principle»
Christoph Keller, Berlin (D): «Visiting a Contemporary Art Museum under Hypnosis»
Mika Elo, Helsinki (FI): «Singing Lessons for Photography»
Lorrice Douglas, London (UK): «Bureau»
Florian Dombois, Bern (CH): «Surf»
Ilze Bebris, Vancouver (CA): «Boundless»
See attched flyer for further details.

My conference presentation is on Saturday, June 7 between 15.45 h and 17.15 h