EinfÄlle und ZufÄlle/ Tree-tops Re-modeled, 2007


B/W Photographs (50 cm x 60 cm each), Rapid Prototypes, Wood Glass, 300 cm x
200 cm, 150 cm

This installation contrasts a series of rapid prototyped work with a selection of b/w photographs from the early 90s in an attempt to see how the two ends of a circle look like when they meet.
The selection of photographs is taken from Einfälle und Zufälle, a larger body of work that was done using an old Kodak Brownie camera. The images in this series were often taken at night or in bad light situations; the camera was frequently pointing straight into artificial light sources. Visual control of the images was impossible and so was the control of the exposure. Point, open, ho----ld, and close. The work is part a diary and part an experiment in seeing. It is also an expression of a moody life in search of a future.

Treetops Re-modelled are still an experiment in seeing, and it is still a diary. Data was collected in Catford (around the corner of my house), Burgess Park (on my way to college), Ipswich (where I work), and Clapton (where friends live). I photographed the tops of trees that had their branches cut from various angles in order to re-create a 3-D space from which the models were developed.

There is little on the surface that connects these two bodies of work. There is much, however, in-between.