Reconstructions, 2006


Paris 43-49 Rue de la Glaciere (detail)

Paris La Defense 7 Cours Valmy (detail)

Paris La Defense Les Jardins de l'Arche (detail)

Paris Maison de Solenn (detail)

Various Pencil Drawings on Tracing Paper, 14 cm x 20 cm each

The small-scale drawings were done on the basis of data collected from a
range of public places across the city of Paris. The drawings represent the
constellations in which architects and city planners have planted trees in
squares, parks and at street corners.

The work gives a figurative expression to the often unnoticed structures
that underlie the urban landscape, in particular when these structures are
not architectural in a narrow sense. The figures become present only through
the reconstruction process that fills in the empty space between the trees –
a process, through which the unique characters of the figures emerge. This
process is enhanced by the small scale and the in comparison large empty
area around the figures as well as the off-white base from which the figures

Reconstructions (City Trees) thus manages not only to give shape to space
but also to look at it like under a magnifying glass or as part of a
collector’s classification. Urban space: a small creature, thoroughly
constructed yet still unique, alive – if you will – and almost invisible.