Distance Circles, 2008



For Distance Circles 13 people were photographed walking through the empty exhibition space. Their position was marked on the floor and 13 distance circles were drawn similar to those done in London the previous year. The positions were treated as if they were objects in the space just as the architectural details of the space. As a result each circle not only reflects the space but also the position of the other circles around it. Each element thus becomes a framgent reflecting the installation as a whole.

The three walls of the exhibition space have the following sentences written on them: 'Artistic Research should not be judged by artists and their like.' 'Art and artistic research are not identical. They share the same means but not the same goals.' 'Art is a weak solution to the question of research.'

Click for a Quicktime clip of the show.



Images of the opening performance were members of the audience were asked to take the position of the original people that were photographed and from which the circles were constructed.


The source photographs that were taken of people walking through the empty exhibition space.